The Real Reasons African American Cannot Overcome Systematic Racisms


Posted on 2019-03-28 17:49:45

Reasons African American Cannot Overcome Systematic Racisms



Written By Hugh Bodley

Posted/Updated on Sept 26,2020


What is Systematic Racism - Systematic racism is not based on human prejudice as we are led to believe by the media and the personal views of any culture. It is a natural occurrence to gravitate to what you look like or the culture you are raised in. Within a class of people separated by wealth or standards, a person will always prefer and understand the class of people they belong to over another. The prejudice faced by African Americans from any other group is a common phenomenon face by every other race and is often the byproduct of systematic racism: therefore we cannot label human prejudice as systematic racism. Systematic racism can only stem from systems that are in place for all people of every race but exclude or set limitations to one particular race. Systematic racism is a system within the system to control the outcome of who is eligible to its benefits. Unlike racial prejudice, systematic racism is hiding and can only be seen in the results of the system's intended goal.

African Americans are the only race plagued by systematic racism across the world even with black countries and black culture. There is a saying that " within the black community nothing is credible until someone of another race says it or approve of it, this is an example of systematic racism within systems created and maintained by African Americans themselves. In order to overcome and diminish the effects of systematic racism African Americans but be truly aware of the systems that are in place to keep mental, physical, and financial strongholds on blacks as a whole and not be distracted by natural prejudice which is faced by every race.  


10 Reasons why African American cannot subdue systematic racism


6.     Seeking redemption and or validation from systematic racism. -  Systematic racism is designed to stay hidden, even in the guise of a helping hand. The same tool that breaks you cannot fix you, this is not to say other races is not an asset to ending systematic racism, in every race you will find people that will do what is right over what they associate with. Seeking help from the system is not the same as seeking help from someone within the system that is setup to be systematically racist against African Americans. In the case of a traffic accident between an African American and another race, the police will always write the police report to favor the other race even if the other race is clearly at fault. Redemption and validation cannot be attained by arguing your point to the police or other race, this will always work against you and in most cases give a reason for further disciplinary actions. Enforcing rights given to all is not the agenda of systematic racism, we cannot expect it to fight against itself. The battleground against systematic racism can never be won in an environment where it is the judge, jury, and executioner.

Every system has provisions for a fair, nonpartial battleground where the rights of the people hold the upper hand and will be based on facts and evidence which supersede race or class. Fairness is not a determining fact, only clear evidence of a violation of rights will grant you access to redemption or validation. The system itself is designed to be non-partial however the systematic racism is implemented as a subsystem within the system. Any victory over systematic racism cannot be won on the sublevel of the system designed to fulfill a racial agenda. instead of seeking validation or redemption, you must force the system to validate or redeem itself and actions

5.     Maintaining the standards of systematic racism with the black community. -  Systematic racism has been the governing mental state of the world for hundreds of years which has benefited greatly from unfair practices to control the resources and rights of black people. As a result, the reality of the world is from the lens of systematic racism even through the eyes of the black community. Our music continues to grow with the agenda provided by systematic racism. Our religion is set in stone on the principles of being subjected to systematic racism willing. Our educational values are only accepted by us on the merits of systematic racism and our goals are set by its acceptance. 

The pre-conditioned behaviors of blacks set in motion via systematic racism cannot be balanced overnight. The effects produced within the black community cannot remain hiding due to the programming of blacks that have been taking place for centuries. The primary effect of systematic racism we maintain over ourselves must be exposed and made aware of continually. The image of the black community has always been controlled by the media, blacks have been told who they are, what they are, and how they're supposed to behave for countless generations. The same image of us systematic racism program the world to see is the same image we fight each other to maintain today. No other race accepts a negative image of itself and allows it except the African American community which promotes that negative image and will not settle for a substitute. this image is not natural as everyone cares more for their own before others. Without a new standard of the black image set by blacks across the world, we will continue to maintain the image put in place by systematic racism to view all blacks in an inferior way by all races.

4.     Excluding people of other races who prefer justice and equality over association.  -  Since the beginning of racial discrimination there have been people who have fought and died to balance the cause and effects of systematic racism, Countless non-blacks have fought against their own without the support of blacks to end or bring awareness to the injustice. It is natural to treat someone as your enemy who looks like your enemy: however systematic racism has no color lines as black leaders are bought and sold to maintain it. Individual prejudices cannot be a weapon in disarming a system built around discrimination according to prejudice, oftentimes it is a person of another race who must sacrifice their status to balance the unfairness produced by systematic racism. Systematic racism cannot be view as individual prejudice as we all will do for our own before another, it must be viewed from the perspective of injustice in a system that is meant to justify all. 

In every race you will find people that will do what is right for all and not just their group, to exclude people such as this will be detrimental in suppressing systematic racism as some black fight against what's good for everyone because of their own prejudice thoughts. Systematic racism is not a color, it is an objective put in place and maintained by all races, including blacks. Any person or persons who's heart is set against that objective is an asset to ending systematic racism no matter the color.

3.     Black leaders are easily bought and sold -  Where the head leads the body will follow. The awareness and direction of the black community is in the hands of its leaders like any other race or people. A people in captivity will either forfeit themselves by being acclimated into the body of its captive or be subjective while strengthening themselves for liberation. The leader always sets the tone for the decision made by the people on a whole and dictates whether the motive will be acclimation or liberation. A prime example of this in African American history is the era of the Great Dr. King and His Excellency Malcolm X. Two dynamic leaders of the black community find themselves at the crossroads of the African American journey. The great Dr. King lead black people in righteousness and empathy according to the standards written on the hearts of black people on a whole. This same mindset of righteousness and empathy has been the reality of black people which has been a great strength through time however it is the same mindset that allowed its own authority to be subdued by systematic racism. His Excellency Malcolm X led the black people into their own strength and a heart for liberation from racial discrimination. With a firm determination and lack of empathy for oppression, He brought new confidence to black men across the world, However, he would not settle for the freedom and liberation of his people but sought power over the people which is the same mindset of those who oppressed.  The Jamaican Marcus Garvey who inspired and lit the flame in both Martin and Malcolm seemed to combine both in one movement, however, his passion for his people was overwhelmed by his own personal affairs which distracted him for the mantle of leadership he received overwhelmingly by the black African American community. The fall of these great leaders crippled the black community for decades if at all repairable. 

Our greatest leaders have faced the greatest of obstacles and did what most men could plus left examples and instructions for the African American community to follow, however, the successors and current leaders of the black community seem to have found a new choice in the heart of systematic oppression. The third choice has become a power base for sale to the highest bidder and a seat at the table of systematic racism. It's been alleged that leaders such as Al Sharpton will secretly take a payment to steer the voice of the black community for a paycheck. This has become the norm for black leaders whose passion is for the people. Selling out has become big business among black leaders and it is now the biggest obstacle to overcome for the leaders of the African American community.  When a leader cannot be bought or sold he is replaced by one who can be. we must be aware of all aspects of systematic racism.     

2.     Keeping up with the joneses -  The African American community is richer than most countries in Africa. The devasting financial terrorism waged against blacks as a whole has made it almost impossible for the predominately black neighborhoods to have the same preset for the pursuit of happiness. A small few among the black community find true financial freedom, a small minority is able to label themselves as middle class. Within these groups, the grip of systematic racism is lessened and seen to disappear only to be replaced by keeping up with the Joneses by outwarding showing we are doing better than our neighbor. 

Liberation from systematic racism now takes a backseat to doing it bigger than your neighbor.  Wearing the latest fashion in the hottest brand, driving the most expensive car, and having the nicest house have captivated the reality of the mid and upper class of the black community. The middle and upper class have seldom invested in the black community except for the moment of random charity which looks good for public relations. The lack of re-investing in ourselves and our businesses causes us to rely on systematic racism for what we are allowed to have or gain. The lack of investing in our own financial institutions leaves us to the mercy of systematic racism which is a problem that can only be blamed on us, the African community itself. A good look under systematic racism has become the highest moral ground in the African American community and we must be aware of it in order to lead ourselves away from it.

1.     Unity. -  When living in a system that treats every person within a race as one man the people must develop a heart as one man combining resources and power for the benefits of all its members. A house that is against itself cannot stand. A race naturally takes care of their own before another, work with their own before another, spend with their own before another, cooperate with their own race before another for the benefit of itself.  The disunity we face as a people is a fruit of systematic racism, apart of the design to keep us dependant on integrating with other races for our small or great needs. If blacks don't own business to employ other blacks we will need then to hire us, if they are the only ones that can hire us, we leave ourselves to be subjected to any standard they choose to impose on all as one.

Uniting as a people may seem impossible however it is much more attainable to than receiving redemption and validation from the grasp of systematic racism. White supremacy is a myth, the corporation of white males far outweighs the willingness of African American males to work together. Regardless of the feelings or beliefs of the white male, he will hardly go against his own kind for the benefit of another race. This mindset in the African American Comunity of disunity is another great casualty of systematic racism we must be aware of, however, the unity of the people is not dead it can and is being repaired by a younger generation of dynamic leaders who are more aware of the complete picture of their reality. 


As we come to another era of decision-making as a people to overcome systematic racism our motives must not only be fueled by our strong righteous indignation but we must also be aware of the obstacle and hurdles we face as people outside and within our community. While other races struggle to gain power, African Americans struggle under systematic racism to survive. These six reasons are not meant to discourage us but to give all African Americans and blacks all over the world the cognitive reasoning to disarm systematic racism in our country and around the world. Systematic racism is a standard put in place to maintain an agenda, it is not a color. Only another standard with the capability to enforce a better agenda for all will take its place, another version of it belonging to a different race is not the solution, which cannot be form in one race but purse equality in all men for the benefit of mankind.