10 ways to ensure your man dont cheat


Posted on 2019-03-28 17:47:27

10 ways to ensure your man dont cheat



Written By Hugh Bodley

Posted/Updated on Sept 26,2020


It said that no matter how good you treat a man he will still cheat. If you sex him every day, cook and clean for him, he will still cheat. if we give him money and buy his things even allow them to live without paying bills and the still cheat. well, ladies I gonna give you the secrets to tame your dog of a man and keep him faithful and devoted to you alone. A woman needs to go on an exotic vacation with her man with new laundries, new perfume, a fresh panty and bra set, candles and the proper music and mood, a man would be happy having that mood on the living room couch. Women are from venus men are from mars might be as accurate as it gets, although we are different halves of the same species we think and process life with a different understanding. Most likely your man has told you some of the ten things but you're not seeing him giving you the keys to his heart. 


10. - Give him a place in your heart, not a position in life - Men are truly simple creatures, although men also love all the perks of life we are still wired to simplicity. If taking care of a man to buy his position in your life he will never see himself being anything but a position in your life not home in your heart. When you do things for your man don't make him feel indept but simply loved. No man wants to be taken care of by his woman, He wants to feel loved. Its good to do for your man, but it's bad to use it against him, the simplicity of his mind will see the relationship as a transaction, whether it be a trade of mental, emotional or physical things.


9. Never allow your man to feel tricked into love - Men are direct and clear while the women are more cunning by nature, always practicing their craft that comes with the beauty of being a woman. A man never wants to know his truest intentions and devotion is inspired by any manipulation. Remove the agenda from your actions from time to time and let the only motive is to share genuine love with no agenda behind it. Any man feeling tricked into love will protect his love with a watchful eye.


8. Its a team effort - A man will run when He's the only one required to put any or all effort into making a beautiful relationship you both desire. When a couple knows they will go 100% for each other, you become indispensable, a valued teammate they can count on to be on their side as they will always be for you. make the effort to let him see your in his corner 100 percent in life, don't put him down and ask him to carry all the weigh on top of it, make an effort to show him your in it together. this will inspire the loyal yet simple man never to hold another relationship in competition with you because he is for you and you're a team.


7. Hold him accountable to being the man he is - Every man was born for a purpose and naturally, he excels in areas of that purpose. A man must serve a purpose only, which he was born to serve. whatever that purpose whether it be a hobby, being the best father and husband, or any dreams he aspires as his big plan support it and holds him accountable to doing it and being that man. No man likes being nagged to serve a woman's purpose but nagged him to serve his own and you are irreplaceable in his life.  If you become an obstacle for his purpose it will cause him to desire another.


6. What would you do for a klondike bar - A man may ask you to behave a way you don't just to see what you would do because you love him, at that point, he is already thinking there is nothing he wouldn't do for you. A man likes to remind himself that the feeling of giving his all to protect you that you would do even the smallest thing out of comfort for him. Never be afraid to explore the desire your man wants to make him feel blissful. resisting to do the less with cause your simple man to feel as if he is giving up everything to find out making you happy is the only agenda to the relationship. Let your man become comfortable loving you in his truest form, no matter how weird or freaky, he will do much more for you.


5. Allow room for mistake and time to think - A woman in a man's life you should always be his cheerleader never rooting for the opposing team or his failure. when he is up, root for him, when he is down , root for him motivate him, dont become weigh while he is under pressure, it may cause him to see you as more of a problem than a solution to his purpose. Find words of encouragement when he face challenges or hardship.


4. Be attentive to your man without distrust  - A woman find themselves paying attention to their man when they want to be sure of something and check to see whats going on, getting in and staying in your business is a delight to the woman who loves you and it cannot be avoided. be clingy and attentive because you desire his affections not what his business is. Dont show your man he is only as valuable as getting what you want at a given moment, but be attentive to him because you enjoy it, being in his space brings you happiness, not a mental advantage.


3. Never clown your man or talk bad about him to anyone. - A man will cheat faster to cope with the disappointment of being treated as a jester when He simply believed he is your king.  Whateva his weakness are love them dont belittle them, encourage him to turn them into strength but never clown him for his shortcomings. For the sake of maintaining sanity, men will cheat to cope with the feeling of you seeing him as a clown especially around other people. 


2. Always assume your man thinks every other man wants you - Men are very territorial in their perception of a relationship. constant validation in the presence of other men that he is the only one for you will make him secure with you, trusting you more and returning the feeling 100 fold. A man who feels he must fight for and defend his relationship around every man will seek a woman he can be at peace with. Never show attraction to any other man, make a clear intention to yourself to validate his trust in you. rock his jealousy to sleep every chance you get diligently. Never triangulate your man with someone he is jealous of, respects or envy, once your man has to question which team your on he will stray

1. Be his teammate, not a mother   - The number one reason a man may stray away physically and emotionally is being treated no differently than a child. A woman naturally commands her child to walk and talk the way she desires, the child becomes an extension of her to the world. A man is already an extension of his own mother with a perception of women base on who his mother is. A man will resort to shutting down or acting out as a child when in a relationship with a woman who overrides his manhood to and emulates his mother's influence over his life. As a child His mother commanded him, spoiled him and scold him in order to be what she wants him to be. A man in his own manhood wants to make his own choice of who to be in life, he wants to take out the garbage because he made the decision to do it, not be commanded. Often a man will do the opposite of what you want just to get attention validation of running his own life. He doesn't want to feel spoiled just because he is your man, he wants to feel that as a man he earn your love and devotion.  Nothing drives a man crazy like nagging at him to do things like mom used to do, bring things to attention as a partner and allow him to save the day and be responsible. the more room you give him to be his own man while encouraging that man to be the best the more he will attend to his half of the relationship without being prompted to do so. The one thing men want in there relationship to be the same as with mom is the security of loving you without fear. A man wants to know that when he is at his most compassionate it is received as the son's unyielding love to his mother not as a weakness to rule his manhood. Allow the core of him to adore you in his devoting moment while letting him feel safe doing so. the less negative energy you give a man when he is vulnerable, the more he will adore you to his core, other women won't even enter his radar.