About Us

Hello and welcome to BlackDollaz.com, the place to find the Quality black owned businesses for every situation or occasion.

We thoroughly check the quality of the businesses registered with us by ratings and reviews. Consumer rating not only increase profits for responsible businesses that are accountable and reliable, Our rating system will set you apart from any competition. Through consumer ratings and customer satisfaction every business whether big or small can show they rank among the best in their industry. We believe in high quality and exceptional customer service.

Our Goal


We strive to promote black owned businesses in the us, but not only black own but black owned businesses with exceptional quality service. At BlackDollaz.com we are aware of the many talented black owned business who may go unnoticed due to expensive advertising prices which less talented businesses can afford. Our goal is to provide a platform that will showcase all the talented black owned business who may go without notice because of advertising to a market who is looking for black owned businesses to spend their money with.


Our goal is to offer our customers a variety of black own products and services and an opportunity to support Black America but buying black. Our aim is to offer all Americans to do business with black owned companies not only African American. We are all American and need the support of one another, Our site is not meant to be racist or shut out any other race in any way. Any non black own business who supports the black community by giving back to it is welcome and will receive a sticker to honor your aid to the African American cause.


Black owned business provide high quality services at much lower prices than other big businesses, this may seem unfair however it benefit all races who cant and don't want to pay outrageous prices for the same and even better service preferred by a black owned businesses. We urge other ethnicity to take advantage of our talented black owned businesses and encourage all races to use BlackDollaz.com and support a black owned business of their choice, give them a great review which will surely increase their business. We urge African American to by black simply to keep money circulating within our community which will empower Our people to open more businesses and contribute greatly to society.


Business Resources

One of the biggest advantages other races have over black owned business are resources. Often time there are resources available to help your business be profitable and a more productive. Blogs on the latest business trends affecting the African American Communities will be listed as well as access to minority grants with suggested grant writers. We aim to aid black owned business in any way we are able.

Community Resources

Like all races the black community have its own politics, needs and issues that our leaders state voice their opinions on in agreement and sometime disagreement. We try to bring these leaders and issue in-front of the black community to promote oneness and race communion regardless of religion or status. Besides politics and all the positive things our people do within our communities, blogs on Vegan recipes and African American home remedies are listed in community resources. Well known and reputable Herbalist are also listed along with their work and studies.

Community Link

With a community Link account anyone can post news about their area/community they live in. Community events, meetings, discussions, and voice the concerns of your community.
Hall of Fame- Business who support the black community the do business in should be commended and deserve our hard earn dollars. non black owned business with many recommendation will be listed with an award in profile as a thank you for caring.
Hall of Shame - anonymous complains against business who discriminate in predominately African neighborhoods are able to be registered on your community link. business with many complains will be displayed to help maintain a certain level of accountable and respect by business owners to black patrons

Spirituality Link

Your church, temple, spiritual house also have a home here with us. We are spiritual people, which is a major factor in our economics. Mental health and physical health is essential for a healthy life. All black own Spiritual entities can sign up for their own page which can showcase their faith to their community and black America

Black Authors

From kids, to non-fiction, fiction to documentary we support a growing list of black authors whom we would like to promote to our communities.